Interested in Hiring a Stanford Intern During the Summer?

The Stanford Global Studies (SGS) Internship Program is interested in finding intership opportunities in Hong Kong. The purpose of the Program is to extend classroom knowledge of the world to real-life living and working experiences. About 90 undergraduate students are selected every summer to participate in the program in five Continents. This past year, SGS send 25 students to the Greater China with the internships provided by alumni and faculty affiliations. There was one intern in Hong Kong this past summer. In 2018, they hope to expand the Program in Hong Kong.

The internships can be from a non-profit or for-profit organization. The program is open to Stanford undergraduate students in all majors. The students are required to conduct a minimum 8-week internship in the summer. The host organizations can require desired qualifications, e.g. academic background, research experience, or communication skills. We have placed students in sectors such as arts, finance, energy, education, health, human rights, IT, media, community service, and academic institutions, etc. It will be greatly appreciated if you can suggest host organizations for our program. The SGS website is: 

For the summer, 2018 program, SGS posts internship positions on their website by December, 2017

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