Recap of 2019 Annual General Meeting

Thank you to many of you for joining the club’s Annual General Meeting on Tuesday May 21 at CoCoon.

At the AGM, alumni attendees voted yes for the executive committee and general committee members for 2019/20 listed here. In addition, attendees voted to approve amendments to the club’s Articles of Association.

The amended and currently-in-effect Articles of Association provides an updated, robust governance framework for the club. The project scope was defined as a review and update of the club’s Articles of Association to reflect present day practice and ensure compliance with Hong Kong law. We would like to offer our sincere thank you to Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, who helped the club in this matter on a pro bono basis.

In addition, we would like to thank the following alumni for leading efforts to amend the Articles: in alphabetical order by last name, Edith Ngan Chan, Anthony Chang, Christina Hu Ho, Edith Law Kong, and Theodore Ma.

Thank you and we look forward to continue serving the Stanford alumni community in Hong Kong.

May we express our gratitude again to Morgan, Lewis & Bockius for their pro bono assistance. Thank you also to Ms. Leontine Chuang from PILnet who assisted on the early stages of the amendments and kindly referred the club to Morgan, Lewis & Bockius.




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