2022 Annual General Meeting

Join us for our upcoming Annual General Meeting of the Stanford Club of Hong Kong. This event is open to Stanford alumni only.

In addition to providing club updates and initiatives for the coming year, we will be voting for your SCHK Executive Committee and General Committee Members for 2022/23. Nominations are as follows:

Executive Committee

President: Marc Hubert
Vice President : Kristine Li
Co-Vice President: Kendrick Kwok
Honorary Treasurer: Simon Mui
Co-Treasurer: Wally Cheung
Honorary Secretary: Erica Ma
Co-Secretary: Sandy Wan

General Committee

Alex Leung, Angelina Yao, Dorothea Koo, Elliot Shi, Hill Wang, Jasmine Li,  Lavina Tien, Till Rosar, Tomas Vacek, Vivian Kong

Event Details

Date: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Time: 7pm

Venue: Zoom only

Cost: Free

Contact: Marc Hubert marc.hubert@gmail.com

Event is open to Stanford alumni only.

Please RSVP now.

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